What's in a name?

This blog has been a long time coming. Pretty much every new person we meet on our filming travels asks me 'What does •REDSCAR mean then?'. And every time they ask that and I tell them, I always say 'I should put that on the site really!'. So that's exactly what I'm doing.

The name of your company or brand is just as important as the design and look. How do you choose a name that represents what it is that you do? The process we (Dan and I - we both started RedScar together) went through to get to •REDSCAR was a fairly simple one, but one that most people find quite interesting! Read on if you'd like to know...

Our primary aim was to create work that leaves a positive impression on people that watch our videos - whether clients, the public, or prospects. A quick discussion led us to Films That Leave A Mark - this became our tagline. Now we needed a name. We both hated the idea of using the word 'corporate' or 'video' or 'media' or any combination of those with the words 'services' - basically anything that sounded like a lot of other companies out there. Yes it tells you what you DO, but it left us feeling uninspired and frankly, bored.

We hit up thesaurus.com and typed in 'mark' to see if we could resonate our tagline with a fresh name to boot. Here are the results we saw...

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.25.08.png

The word 'scar' jumped out to us, so we played around with that word. Scar, scarred, Scarred Media? Too aggressive perhaps. We brainstormed and eventually simply rearranged the letters:


And that's it. •REDSCAR was born! We dropped the last 3 letters of SCARRED and dumped them at the beginning and hey presto, we had our name. People always remark with intrigue when they hear how the RedScar name came to be. The funny thing is, most people also assume a second word after •REDSCAR; •REDSCAR Media, •REDSCAR Films, or Productions.

We are simply •REDSCAR! it's short, snappy, memorable, and a winner with our clients...so far!

Thanks for reading, hopefully this little insight gave you an interesting read over your lunch break!

Until next time,

 - Jamie
Creative Director, •REDSCAR


We've got a third date...

Lucky us! We've been asked by Modelzed, the organisers of Miss Great Britain to come back for the third year running to capture the grand final itself as well as the run up to the event. What does it take to be Miss Great Britain? Take a look at our 10 minute behind the scenes featurette we did for Miss GB 2014 here. Short on time? This short promo from the 2013 event will show you briefly!

It's been a pleasure working with the Modelzed team and all of the girls who participate in the event, and we're really looking forward to this years event which takes place on Friday 11th September at the Athena, in Leicester. You can buy tickets for the event here.

We cover the whole event on the Friday evening as well as filming all of the lead up to the event involving the girls. Beach body contest, practicing the heats, interviews with the girls and the team...you name it we capture it.

Here's to continued working relationships with great clients...and awesome events!

'Til next time,



Welcome. Here you find the new •REDSCAR, home of video, design and storyboards.

What's that? Why yes, we have been working out, thanks. We've had a facelift, got a whole new body, and feel a hell of a lot sexier than before. In 2015, you hear the term '21st century digital marketing' banded about a lot. As business owners we know what this is, but many don't appreciate what this means. 

Let's assume you don't have video content yet. Does your competitor have a video on their homepage or somewhere on their site? If yes, you're behind them. If no, you'll need it to stay ahead. Why? Video equals value. It's commonly known that prospects are more likely to stick around on your site and conversion rates are higher, with companies that use - and more importantly understand - video content in their marketing.

Our old self was stuck somewhere in the mid 2000s, and we didn't launch until 2011! The brand worked, more specifically the logo, but the site was quite weak and didn't carry much weight. We approached London designer, and original •REDSCAR advocate Dan Anscombe to give us a fresh, solid, contemporary look - something we could use to showcase the work we do to the clients we want, and already have. I'll get him on soon to do a guest blog about the process we collaborated on to get from where we were, to where we are now.

So what's so special about the new site and brand? Rebrand is rebirth! Our new slick yet simple logo packs solidly, and the sites ease of use across desktop, laptop and mobile is incredible. We have a new freephone number ensuring our national coverage isn't overlooked, and we now have a LIVE chat option. Got a burning question that can't wait via email? If we're online, we can chat with you in our built in messenger. I'll be updating this blog regularly with all things video; events we've covered, project case studies, Q&A sessions - nothing will be left unmentioned!

We were 4 years old on 5th August 2015, so made it through the terrible twos. Enjoy the site, take a look around, and have a think on the above. Video equals value.  

Until next time!